Art works, Paintings

Paintings of nature, images of misty landscapes, water droplets and dew on flowers and leaves, paintings of rays light, etchings and photographs
Bamboo Thicket-2.jpg

For my paintings of nature I select  images of misty landscapes or close ups of flowers and leaves with water droplets and dew. Other themes are paintings of rays light, in diferent techniques such as mixed media, etchings and photographs

“Juan Bernal finds sublimity in nature's designs, the hidden bounty in nature’s smallest gifts; a single leaf, a drop of water, the morning’s first shaft of light.

Artist and architect, Bernal looks deeply into nature’s elemental forms and sees broader life and a larger landscape. He follows the leaf in new color, young and green, until it bursts into the brilliant orange of life realized. In his works Bernal perfectly balances the genres of landscape and still-life, urging us to step closer, pause, and enjoy the shimmering lushness of nature in the everyday.”

The Hudson River Museum