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Juan Bernal, architect painter and photographer has over 40 years of experience in architectural and interior design.

Has been showing his artistic work in both individual and collective shows around the world. 

His work can be found across several museums, important collections and galleries on a rotating basis throughout the year.

Explore the site in order to view all current collections, and find out when the next exhibition is happening.



59- "Future in Focus", The Box Gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida, 2022.

58- "Gigantes de los Andes", Colombian Consulate, Miami, Florida, 2022

57- “Retospective”, Colombian Consulate, New York, 2018.

56- “Flora”, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, 2016.

55- “Pure and Simple”, Hudson River Museum, New York, 2016.

54- “Flora”, Habima National Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014.

53- “Rocio”, Leonard Tourne Gallery, New York, 2015.

52- “Fotofragments”, Leonard Tourne Gallery, New York, 2013.

51- “Dew”, Leonard Tourne Gallery, NY. NY. 2012.

50- “Tears of Nature” Lumen Gallery, NY. NY. 2011.

49-“Coconut Grove Art Fair”, Coconut Grove, FL, 2011.

48-“The Affordable Art fair”, New York, 2010.

47-“Giants of the Andes”, Bayer Headquarters, N.J. 2010.

46-“Mutis and Botanical Art”, Queens Museum, Queens, N.Y. 2010.

45-“Arte Bolivariano”, Argentinian Consulate, NY, 2010.

44-“Artistas del Segundo Centenario”, Venezuelan Consulate, NY, 2010.

43-“Latin American Art”, Promoarte, Tokyo, Japan, 2009.

42-“Surface and Depth”, Terrain Gallery, New York, 2009.

41-"Ecofest", Lincoln Center, New York, 2008.

40-"Close Encounters", Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY, 2008.

39-"The Light", Mary Benson Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, 2008.

38-"Eternal Bamboo", Shinjuku Park Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2008.

37-"Reflections of Venice", International Center, New York, 2008.

36-"Eternal Bamboo", Wang Fung Art Gallery, Beijing, China, 2007.

35-"NJMS Arts", New Jersey Medical School, Newark, 2007.

34-"Shame", Red Saw Gallery, Newark NJ. 2007.

33-"Erotic Drawings", Lounge Zen, Teaneck NJ. 2006.

32-"Landscapes",Colombian Mission to the United Nations. NY. 2006. 

31-"Rain Forest", Echo Gallery, NY. 2006

30-"Victorias", Aline Matsika Interiors, NY. 2006.

29-"Nature's Designs", Colombian Consulate, NY, 2005.

28-"Images", BB&T. Corporate Art Program, Fairfax VA. 2005.

27-"Rain Forest", Colombian Embassy Washington DC. 2004.

26-"Spirits of Nature", Cox Communications, Fairfax Virginia, 2004.

25-"Vital Essence", First Virginia Bank, Fairfax Virginia, 2004.

24-"Dew", Miller Fine Art, Alexandria Va. 2003.

23-"Organic Geometry", Roulette Gallery, Kensington, MD. 2003.

22-"Fragmentos", American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C. 2002.

21-"Ventanas", Colombian Coffee Federation, New York, N.Y. 2001

20-Virginia Beach Arts Festival,Virginia Beach, VA. 2001.

19-"Windows", Eklektikos Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 2001.

18-"Windows on Colombia", HNTB Architecture, Washington, D.C. 2001.

17-Coconut Art Grove Arts Festival, Coconut Grove, FL. 2001.

16-NY. Art Expo, New York, NY. 1999.

15-"Windows", Colombian Consulate, New York, NY. 1999.

14-"Bambusa Guadua", El Nogal Club, Bogotá, Colombia, 1999.

13-Art Miami, Miami, FL. 1998.

12-"Paisajes", The State Bank, Popayán, Colombia, 1998.

10-"El Condado Gallery" , Quito,Ecuador. 1998.

9-Astoria Fine Art, Coral Gables, FL. 1997-1998.

8-"Paisajes de la Sabana", J.B.Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia. 1997.

7-Hotel Bogotá Royal, Bogotá, Colombia, 1997.

6-"Cupica", J.B.Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia. 1996.

5-"Cocora", J.B.Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia. 1995.

4-"Brumas", J.B Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia. 1994.

3-"La Galleria", Cajica, Colombia. 1990.

2-Aexandes, Bogotá, Colombia. 1989.

1-The Antioquia House, Bogotá, Colombia, 1987.


73- Artists from Palm Beach County, several group shows (6), 2021, 2022, 2023.

​72-"Faculty Exhibition", The Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, 2022,2023.

71-“New York Contemporary Photographs”, Terrain Gallery, New York, 2011.

70-“Photography Group Show”, Besharat Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, 2010.

69-“Art Of The Americas”, IDB. collection, Palacio de la Moneda, Santiago, Chile 2010.

68-“Artists of the Second Centenial, Argentinian Consulate, New York, 2010.

67-“Biodiversity Salon”, Colombian Consulate, Madrid, Spain, 2010.

66-Hispanic American Artists Celebration, International immigrants Center, New York, 2009.

65-“Hispanic Heritage”, Rotunda Gallery, Jersey City Hall, Jersey City, 2009.

64-“Surface and Depht”, Terrain Gallery, New York, 2009.

63-“Colaborative Improvisation”, Expresiones Cultural Center, CT, 2009.

62-“Hispanic Heritage”, General Electric Gallery on line, 2009.

61-“Paintings of Latin American Artists”, Venezuelan Consulate, New York, 2009.

60-"Cool Aid", Andre Zarre Gallery, NY. NY. 2007.

59-"Salon de Artistas Colombianos", Centro Civico Colombiano, Queens, NY. 2007.

58-"212 Art Fair", The Armory, New York, 2006.

57-"Multiple Works", Newark Art Council, NJ. 2006.

56-"Latin Views 2006, Mystic Point Arts Center, CT. 2006.

55-"Place and Time", Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts Rockville MD. 2006.

54-"Canticles of Creation", Theological Union, Washington DC. 2006.

53-"The Human Form", Juried show, Touchstone Gallery  2005.

52-"Art with an Accent", Arlington Arts Center, VA, 2005.

51-"I'm Ready for My Close Up", Capitol Arts Networks, Washington Gallery, 2005.

50-"National Small Works", Washington Printmakers gallery, 2005.

49-"Artomatic", The IDB Cultural Center Washington DC. 2004.

47-"Artful Gourmet", Light Stret Gallety, Baltimore MD. 2004.

46-"12th Photo Exhibition", Maryland Federation of Arts, Baltimore, 2004.

45-"Science and Art", AAAS Washington 2004.

44-"12th Photography Exhibition", Maryland Federation of Art, Baltimore MD. 2004.

43-"Hispanic Heritage Month", J.P. Morgan Chase, Houston Texas, 2004.

42-"Recent Latin American Art", Arlington Art Center VA, 2004

41-"Art at the Officer's Club", Bolling Air Force Base, Washington DC, 2004.

40-"The Portrait Project", Torpedo Factory Art Center, 2004.

39-"Wall Flowers", Light Street Gallery, Baltimore Maryland, 2004.         

38-"Food and Still Life", The Art League, Alexandria Virginia, 2004, Equal Award.

37-"Crossing Boundaries", Montgomery College, Rockville, MD, 2003.

36-"International Miniature Print", Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk CT, 2003, Purchase Award.

35-"Our Voices, Our Images", Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, D.C. 2003.

34-"Monthly shows"(3), The Art League, Alexandria, VA, 2003.

33-"Patrons Show", The art League, Alexandria VA, 2003.

32-"Spring 2003 Art Exhibition", American Association of Science, Washington, D.C. 2003.

31-"Adventure", Schlesinger Center, Alexandria VA. 2003

30-"Seeing the Light", Washington National Cathedral, 2003.

29-11th. Annual National Photo Expo, Maryland Federation of Art, Baltimore, MD, 2002.

28-2nd National Print Show, Creede Arts Council, Denver, CO. 2002.

26-Washington Printmakers Assoc., Washington, D.C. 2002.

25-"Hispanic Heritage Celebration", Children's Hospital, Washington, D.C. 2001.

23-"American Landscape 2001", Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD, 2001.

22-"Contemporary Realism", Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association, Alexandria, VA, 2001.

21-Month shows , The Art League, Alexandria, VA, 2001.

20-"New Works", Eklectikos Gallery of Art, DC. 2001.

19-"The Enduring Landscape", Greater Reston Arts Center, Reston, VA. 2001.

18-4th Annual Juried Show, Gallery West, Alexandria, VA, 2000.

17-Small Format Show, The Art League, Alexandria, VA. 2000.

16-Large Format Show, The Art League, Alexandria, VA. 2000.

15-"Plástica Colombiana en N.Y.", Euroamerica Gallery, N.Y. 1999.

14-The Permanent Collection, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Bogotá, Colombia, 1999.

13-"Cincel y Pincel", Quito Tennis and Golf Club, Quito, Ecuador, 1998.

12-"Latin Expressions", Euro America Gallery, New York, N.Y. 1998.

11-"Contemporary Colombian Artists", Florida Museum of Hispabnic Art, Coral Gables, FL, 1998.

10-Fifth Watercolor Biennial, Barcelona, Spain, 1998.

9-"3th Watercolor International Biennial", National Museum of Watercolor, Mexico City, Mexico,1998.

8-"Mensajes Latinos", The Florida Museum at El Bohemio News, San Francisco, CA. 1998.

7-Contemporary Latin American Art, Broward Community College, Coral Gables FL.1998.

6- Instalaciones en Vidrio y Metal, Andino-Centro Comercial, 1997.

5-Primera Bienal Del Vidrio, VitreArte- Bogota, 1996.

4-Acuarelas de Colombia, Museo Nacional de la Acuarela, Coyoacan, Mexico, 1996.

3-"Pincel de Oro", United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan, 1995.

2-"Vidrio: Arte y Alquimia", Artesanias de Colombia, Ministerio de Desarrollo, 1994.

1-"Vitreaux", Centre internacional Du Vitrail, Chartres, France, 1990.



INBAR, International Bamboo and Rattan Institute, Beijing, China.

M.A.C. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Bogotá, Colombia.

Museo de Arte Bolivariano, Santa Marta, Colombia.

Museo Colsubsidio, Bogotá, Colombia.

The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

The National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. 

The Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT.

Portland Museum of Fine Art, Portland, OR. 

Colombian Embassy, Washington D.C. 

Colombian Consulate, NY. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C.

New Convention Center, Washington D.C. 

Inter American Development Bank, Washington D.C. 

The Washington Post, Washington D.C.

Washington National Cathedral. D.C.


"Cocora", Colombian Consulate New York.

"Art Walk", D.C. Commission for the Arts, Washington D.C. 2005.                           

"Pandamania", D.C. Commission for the Arts, Washington, D.C. 2004 .

"Far Away", Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C. 2003.

"Gigantes de los Andes", Mural for the Colombian Consulate, New York, NY. 2003.

"Tropical Bird", Beach Birds, Ocean City, MD. 2003.

"Bamburrito", Party Animals, D.C. Commission for the Arts, Washington, D.C. 2002.

Stained Glass Windows, Governor's Council Hall, Bogotá, Colombia, 1997.

Glass Sculpture, Jose Maria Cordoba Airport, Medellin, Colombia, 1990.

Murals “Giants of the Andes”, Office of the Governor, Bogotá, Colombia, 1997-98.


1-“Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant”, The Pollock Krasner Foundation, New York, 2009.

2-Honorable recipient, ArtGrants, D.C. Commission of Arts and Humanities, Washington D.C. 2009.

3-Second Price, "Moore in the Garden" photography contest, NY. Botanical Garden, 2008.

4-"Art Walk", Grant by The Government of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C. 2005.

5-Honorable Mention in Photography, Capitol Arts Network, Bethesda MD. 2005.

6-The Equal Award. The Art League, Alexandria VA. 2004.

7-Purchase Award, International Miniature Print Exhibition. Center for Contemporary Printing, CT. 2003.

8-Finalist Grant. Our Voices, Our Images, 2003.

9-Merit Award, Neptune festival, Virginia Beach, VA. 2001.

10-Honorary Mention in Watercolor.  The Art League, Alexandria, VA. 2001.

11-Medal of Merit.  Ministry of Development, Colombian Artisans, Bogotá, Colombia, 2000.

12-Best in contest, First Stained Glass International Salon, Alzate Avendaño Foundation, Bogotá, Colombia, 1990.

13-Honorary Mention, Salon de Fuego, Museum of Actual Art, Bogotá, Colombia, 1986.

14-1st. Prize Design and Expansion of the Music Conservatory Building, Ibague-Colombia, 1981.


Drawing, Painting and Photography - Mount Vernon H.S. 1971.

Textiles, Clara Ines Palau, Bogotá, Colombia, 1975.

Stained Glass, Camila Paez, Bogotá, Colombia, 1980.

Blown Glass - N.Y.  1986-1987.

Jewelery, Mercedes Pacheco, Bogota, 1990, 1995.

Pottery, Fernando Villar , Bogota, 1995- 2000.

Interdesign International Seminar. Colombian Artisans , Bogotá, Colombia 1994.

Etching and Lithography, Penny Barringer, Discover Graphics, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria,VA. 2000, 2003.

Live Drawing, Glenn Echo, Bethesda, MA. 2000, 2001.


Art Masters, Small Works, Art juried exhibition,Washington DC. 2004.

Art League, Alexandria Va. Art shows hanging committee, 2000, 2004.

Salon Iberoamericano de Grabado, The Ass. of Ibero-American Cultural Attaches, DC, 2004.

Colombian Coffee Federation, Art exhibition's curator, N.Y .N.Y. 2001, 2002.

Art gallery owner from 1990 to 2000, Galeria J.B. Bogota, Colombia.


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JOURNAL OF THE PRINT WORLD, New York, Photography Exhibition, 2011.


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-The Rivertowns Enterprise, Pure and Simple”, Exhibition at The Hudson River Museum, NY. May, 2016.

-El Tiempo, Culturales, 30 años dejandose seducir por el paisaje, Carlos Restrepo, 2018.


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