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Multiple pieces Landscapes
Paisajes en piezas multiples
Paintings of nature by Juan Bernal
Bamboo window

Bamboo Window

Ventana con Bambu

Watercolor, 39 x 32 inches
Bamboo grove

Even though visual arts are based on materials such as marble, pigments, oils, etc., the most important ingredient, that must be present in art, is emotion.

Ventana Cafetera

Coffee Land Window

Oil on canvas, 52 x 64 inches
Eje cafetero
Paisaje cafetero, coffe landscape
Paintings of nature

Far Away


Oil on canvas, 58  x 76 inches
Lndscape, palms in the foggy mountains

Palmas y Brumas

Palms in the Mist

Oil on canvas, 20  x 63 inches
Cocora, palmas de cera
Best nature paintings


Country Landscape

Oil on canvas, 24 x 60 inches
Mountains with fog
Oil on canvas, 24 x 60 inches
Paintings of nature

Rain Forest

Bosque Nublado Andino

nature image of the rain forest
Paisaje de la Sabana de Bogota
Oil on canvas, 30 x 77 inches
Sabana de Bogota

Sabana's Landscape

Paisaje Sabanero

Autumn Reflections

Reflejos de Otoño

Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches
Autumn colors
Scenery of autumn water reflections
Creek in autumn with reflections

Autumn Scenery

Ventana de Otoño

Oil on canvas, 78 x 60 inches
Water reflections
Palms in the misty mountains

Reaching the Sky

Llegando al Cielo

Oil on canvas, 63 x 30 inches
Palms with mist and fog


Multiple pieces landscapes
Images of nature, oil paintings by Juan Bernal

I always thought that hanging one of my landscapes on a wall was like opening a window.

For my first show in New York, “Windows of Colombia”, I wanted my landscapes to be seen through an actual window. I collected several old salvaged window frames and painted multiple pieces for the panes, resulting in each work being made out of several elements.

My aim was to make all the parts work as a whole and at the same time for each to stand by itself. 

During this process, I discovered the potential of close-up framing, a technique I would keep on experimenting with in subsequent series, as well as working with several elements (triptychs) but omitting the window frames. 

Sustainability and protection of the environment are necesary to the survival of humankind

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