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Paintings of Rays of Light
by Juan Bernal

Oil paintings and images of rays of light, light beams and rayos de luz piercing philodendrum leaves by Juan Bernal

Rays of light, paintings of nature
Oil on canvas. 24 x 48 inches
Ant view of a philodendrum leaf
with rays of light piercing it


Not everyone who paints is an artist, a real artist should develop a personal language.

Nature passes through the artist and paints itself.

“The Light”

Oil on canvas. 30 x 40 inches
Light rays piercing a philodendrum leaf
The light, rays of light
Rayos de luz y hoja e Philodendrum

“The Light II”

Oil on canvas. 30 x 40 inches
Rayos de luz atravezando una hoja de filodendrum

“Palm Leaf and Light Ray”

Oil on canvas. 40 x 30 inches
Light ray throug a palm leaf
Light beam and palm leaf
Rayos de luz y hoja de palma

“Palm Leaf and Light Rays”

Oil on canvas. 40 x 30 inches
Rayos de luz y hoja de palma

“Maple Leaves and Light Rays”

Oil on canvas. 30 x 40 inches
Maple leaves and light rays
Light beams and maple leaves
Light Rays in autumn

"Light Rays in Autumn"

Oil on canvas. 40 x 30 inches
Rayos de luz y hojas de maple

Colors are for the visual artist as notes for the musician or letters for the writer.

Every technique mastered by an artist is the equivalent of speaking a different language, a new tool to express himself.

“Rays of Light”

Oil on pannel 16 x 20 inches
The light, la luz
Beams of light, painting


Paintings of rays of light.

by Juan Bernal


Light is the physical phenomenon that allows us to see things and colors, without it everything would be black.

Sunlight, which can dress itself with all the colors of the rainbow, is the mainstay for life on our planet, no wonder antique civilizations, like the Egyptians and Aztecs deified the sun.

Painting is all about light and trying to interpret how it describes volumes, spaces and textures, it is an illusion set on a surface, of a three dimensional situation.

The great painters, often called “masters of light,” are those who have used a scene, portrait, still-life or landscape to describe light. 

My goal with this series is to make “The Light” the protagonist of the painting, trying to have the least number of elements or distractions, making the light, rays of light or luminescence take the central role in the work.

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