Painting, drawing, photography, photoshop.
Palm Beach, West Palm Beach,
Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, FL.
by Juan Bernal
Tel. 703 587 0600

We have classes in groups of four, or individual personalized lessons.

Oil painting, drawing, acrylic, watercolor, intaglio etchings

Preparing a still life
Painting lessons
Children at work in the Studio
Art classes for children
The kids happy and proud
Painting lessons for kids
Clases de arte para niños
Zoe and Milton
Art classes for adults
Jaime and his work
Painting lessons for adults
Laura and Jacinta proud and happy
Clases de pintura para niños
Vanessa and her work
Painting lessons for children
Adrian and his drawing
Clases de pintura para adultos
Mariano at work
Art classes for children
Alex, Kailice and Jailine 
1112 Palisade Avenue
Union City, New Jersey, 07087
Tel. 703 587 0600
Former N.Y. House-Studio
View of N.Y. from former studio

Art classes by Juan Bernal

I am amazed of the undiscovered talents that everybody has....

You will be the first one to be surprised of the results in such a short period of time!!

All you need is wanting to do it and giving it a little love.

West Palm Beach, Florida.

Covering Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Florida

Ph. 703 587 0600