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The Box Gallery

811 Belvedere Road

West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

Magical Landscape.jpeg

"Magical Landscape", Oil on canvas by Juan Bernal

"Magnifying Droplets", Oil on canvas by Juan Bernal

Future in Focus the upcoming exhibition at The Box Gallery invites the ‘spectator’ to go beneath the surface and take a peak at the hyper closeup of the world around you.

Curator Rolando Chang Barrero says,” These works are truly new, complex, and vital.” The works include hyper closeups of water droplets resting on some of Florida’s flora that masterfully painted by Colombian born painter Juan Bernal compliment the aesthetically beautiful presentations of Tal Danino work. 

Featuring the work of Juan Bernal. And Tal Danino. The exhibition will be open at The Box Gallery  through March 30 2022. A VIP reception will be held on on March 12, 2022.


Juan Bernal, BA. in Architecture Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia.

Bernal’s “Magical Realism” explores the micro-cosmos; droplets of water on flowers and leaves that amplify and magnify details of the structure and surface of the plants discovering imaginary micro landscapes.


“My work is about the beauty of Nature and importance of simple things; elements of nature that we usually take for granted, and whose beauty we don’t take time to observe, like a fragment of a leaf, a flower, or the way light is reflected as it strikes a drop of dew. These themes are recreated making emphasis in the geometry of nature’s designs. It is the complexity within the simplicity. The work constitutes an alarm to us all to preserve the environment that we are part of and we are relentlessly destroying, and without which we could not survive…..


Oil on canvas by Juan Bernal

"Consensys", Photograph preserved in resin
By Tal Danino
"Microbial Rainbow", Tiled Print by Tal Danino

Tal Daninos’s  exqusitly isolated series of 25 individual microscopic works, that are part of the lager 'Transcrobial installation’, explores the emerging relationship of humans, microbes, and machines and a series of 9 photographic prints on Washi paper tiled Fossils. The Fossils series reflect on the connection and lineage of living things - from bacteria as ancient ancestors that evolved into humans, to their mutualistic lives with humans in the present.


Tal Danino, creates visual art involving bacteria and cells and encompassing various themes.

Exploring dish grown bacterial colonies on different color backgrounds to show their wide range of growth morphologies, from rings to fractals.

often exploring the relationship of humans to microorganisms. His works have gained significant attention and have been featured in the New York Times, The Atlantic, and Wired magazine. He has collaborated with artists such as Vik Muniz among others.

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